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So what is SecondLife Ramblings about? It may contain information relating to SecondLife. Information that residents of SecondLife may find useful or informative. There definately will be links to other information sites.

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 PondLife is looking for talented, articulate writers to give honest reviews of our pieces. Please take a look at our blog application and speak to Eladon Galsworthy if you have any further questions.

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Our New Proposal Set

( Read a wonderful review about it here )

Anna smiled as she nestled into the warmth of Isaac's arms. It had been such a perfect night, and now the stars were twinkling overhead, wisteria perfuming the air as they danced. Isaac stepped away, and she blinked, then froze as he knelt, taking a small jewelry box from his pocket. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest as he opened it..

The beginning of your new life together is a special moment. It deserves more than frozen poses. Show your loved one that you're intent on creating all the magic SL has to offer for them. Let your moment begin with a slow dance and end with a kiss.

A selection of arches and other settings, or simply the poseballs, will let you tailor this special moment to the lives you'll share.

( Find it Inworld Here )

New Showroom ! New Furniture !


( Read A wonderful review about them here )

Bea lounged back against the cushion, the cold beer sweating in her hands. She wiped her palm against her jeans, leaving a dark smear over her thigh. Andre sat across from her, both of them shifting awkwardly as they struggled to find words. They started speaking at once, then burst out laughing, the tension fading in the moment. "So," Andre began... "We've been seeing each other for a while, now."
"Yeah," she whispered, trying to keep the hope out of her voice.

Romance isn't just a matter for the bedroom. It's in the moments shared together, wherever they are. For those moments, we offer you our updated line of sofas, with newly added high quality animations to suit every occasion. Sit together and watch a movie as you eat popcorn, share a book, or set the distractions aside and just spend time with each other.  And just like always, we're mindful to keep your inventory from getting cluttered, taking advantage of SL's new temp attachment function to have the props simply appear in your hands!


(Find it inworld here )

Breakfast In Bed


Thoughout time one of the most romantic simple gifts has been serving them breakfast in bed. Cuddle together as you both enjoy a cup of coffee, serve them a hot breakfast as you feed them, or just have breakfast together.  With 9 different couples breakfast poses you both are sure to be pleased with our romantic breakfast in bed set. Just rez out on top of your own bed , hide the pad then pamper them. Look for this feature soon in all of our romantic beds.

- 9 Couples Breakfast Poses - Sweet selection of dining together and feeding them poses.
- Two Solo Breakfasts
- Utensils that change in your hand depending on the pose selected.
- Beautiful props to set off the details.
- Copy/Mod - land Impact between 3 and 28 prims depending on scene selected


We also have a range of couples trays with different foods and poses for a smaller budget. All beautiful and sweetly animated come by and check them out today either in SL or on the SL Marketplace.

Welcome !

Welcome to PondLife. We have been in SL since March of 2006 designing great products and fun venues for you to enjoy. Have fun browsing our website watching the videos and learning about all our great products and fun activities on our sims then come by inworld and shop and experience all our great products and areas.


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Eladon Galsworthy